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Packing an Eco Friendly Kiddo Lunch

Pack an Eco Friendly Kiddo Lunch

In my attempts to withdraw from using plastic baggies I have begun packing bite-sized side items into mini mason jars.
The jars in the picture have raw sunflower seed and home-sprouted beans. Works wonderfully, the kids feel really special at school, and the number one benefit: NO PLASTIC.

Preserving all living beings, one consumer’s choice at a time.


Bliss Now

Take a moment and think about your life.

What do you think about it?

So, whatever you think… is what you experienceright? 

Here’s something positive… to think about… and improve your life experience:

“I do what makes me happiest in this moment!”


Repeat it to yourself throughout the day… so that you’re thinking about it.

Enjoy your Happiness!

P.S… LOOK at Happy the Elephant! 🙂 (see it here on Etsy)