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Take your places!


As I was snowed in today… I took a moment to prep for Spring.

I painted this tomato plant marker. I love it.  Somehow will laminate or seal it… paste it to a stick and then cherish it in my gardenscape.

I’d like to offer these at my booth at the farmer’s market this next season, too! I’ll keep you posted.

Until then… daydream with me of sunnier days.

Live happy.


Garden Muse

There’s something magical that happens… to me… when I’m in my garden.


Something exotic, erotic, entangling, esoteric…

I’d imagine it is most similar to the inebriation that blurred the eyes of the sailors as their Sirens sang.


I get swept away.

My heart smiles.

My thoughts drift to the hope and wishes of mother plants dropping their fruit.


And every thing is good.

The light is hot.

The earth is warm.


The water climbs it’s way through the veins of stems to find thirsty pockets in leaves.


Curious flights of butterflies land delicate on brightly bursting blooms.


I want nothing more than to always be… where magic happens… inside of me.


Bliss Now

Take a moment and think about your life.

What do you think about it?

So, whatever you think… is what you experienceright? 

Here’s something positive… to think about… and improve your life experience:

“I do what makes me happiest in this moment!”


Repeat it to yourself throughout the day… so that you’re thinking about it.

Enjoy your Happiness!

P.S… LOOK at Happy the Elephant! 🙂 (see it here on Etsy)