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Packing an Eco Friendly Kiddo Lunch

Pack an Eco Friendly Kiddo Lunch

In my attempts to withdraw from using plastic baggies I have begun packing bite-sized side items into mini mason jars.
The jars in the picture have raw sunflower seed and home-sprouted beans. Works wonderfully, the kids feel really special at school, and the number one benefit: NO PLASTIC.

Preserving all living beings, one consumer’s choice at a time.


Eco-Friendly Lunchies!!


These lunch bags are super cute and a perfect alternative for the savvy-souper!


I suppose if you had LOTS of TIME you could sew your own… or just buy it here!

Bring your lunch in style and save the planet… ONE BAG AT A TIME.

And, Be Happy! ❤

Friendly Fox Play Tent


I’ve created this character for children’s stories – he’s a friendly little fox named… well, Friendly Fox! 🙂


He adventures around the forest, climbs trees and his best friend is a little girl named Bea.


Now your kiddos can adventure with Friendly Fox in a whole new way – Play Tent with Friendly Fox!

Perfect for a rainy day indoor playtime! Or pitch it outside under their favorite tree.

Imaginations soar with this sweet little tent.




Each tent is hand painted by me and slightly unique.

The first in a series of Friendly Fox adventure children’s stories will be coming soon!

This makes me Happy <3


I’ve started making these super FUN A-Frame Tents for my kids… and oh my goodness, THEY LOVE THEM!

My youngest doesn’t mind her tummy-time as long as she gets to spend it exploring the inside of the play tent! 🙂

The older ones use it for make believe adventure time… protecting dragons from the castle or generally exploring their pretend forest surrounding their pioneer hideout.

AND they can TAKE IT WITH THEM easily – anywhere around the house or yard AND to friends’ houses for overnights!

Simple sparks for imagination.

You can get one for your child or as a gift at my Etsy shop (link below)