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Bliss Now

Take a moment and think about your life.

What do you think about it?

So, whatever you think… is what you experienceright? 

Here’s something positive… to think about… and improve your life experience:

“I do what makes me happiest in this moment!”


Repeat it to yourself throughout the day… so that you’re thinking about it.

Enjoy your Happiness!

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Whipper Snapper Nappers!


There’s a buzz in the air. Articles circulating social media sites are touting the natural sleeping patterns of man may not be what we’re use to. Instead of the 8 hour straight star lit slumber perhaps we are more naturally suited for shorter spells? There’s speculation that history suggests humans may inherently cycle by a different clock – one that ticks to the tune of two 4 hour stretches of shut eye. During those mid-morning witching hours we have a certain consciousness that is rarely tapped during daylight drudgeries. These hours of quiet stillness accommodate spiritual exploration, cognitive growth through reading, meditative disciplining and all of those other inward growth practices that we fight to find time for during our days.


I’ve begun waking around 2 or 3am most mornings. Instead of lying there wide eyed longing for dreams… I’ve been grabbing the nearest book, settling some stones on my chakras for a mid-night balance, or grabbing a sketchpad to doodle out some inspirations. It’s become a glorious time to connect with my Self and the oneness of the Universe.

Next time your eyes pop out of your dream state and you’re left staring into the blackness of your bedroom… open your Self to receiving from that moment all that it could be. Your happiness is calling. ❤