Daily Treasures

Round the house and right on down.

The sun is creeping up the town.


Little eye lashes are barely beating.

Little mouth smiles are sluggly greeting.


Babies slumber.

Middleschoolers wonder…

Where’s the breakfast you should be making?!

Mama’s waking.


Blankets warm with cotton feathers.

As soft as one could possibly remember.

But up. And out. “TO THE DAY!” we shout.

Places, places, wash your faces!

Seat belts, crayons, lost shoe chases!

Cradled carload to the races.


I’ll see you all, I’ll soon return…

As the sun sinks beneath this crust of earth.


Mother’s childs, swift and wild.

What’s your heart is my heart is our heart… so smile.


 (Myself, Happy, and three of the little souls that I love.)


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